Dar Hnini

Away from the bustles of everyday life, Dar Hnini slows down your pace and fuse you into the simplicity of life that existed in this region for centuries to nowadays.

Designed in harmony with the natural environment, Dar Hnini blends the green of the natural surroundings with the Moroccan architecture of elegance and modern comfort. Private secluded villas luxuriate into the calm oasis of a natural paradise.

Embrace this natural wonder through fine dining and numerous activities – from biking past the typical villages, donkey rides in the palm groves, walking through the plantation fields, hiking the mountain ranges or visiting the surrounding areas that are rich in Jewish history, stone graving including desert expeditions.


Dedicated to making your stay memorable

  • Farm to table seasonal menus
  • Bicycles to ride around the Draa Valley
  • Guided walks in the palm groves and Berber villages
  • Donkey rides and horseback riding
  • Laundry service
  • Concierge – booking excursion including trip to Sahara
  • Cooking classes
  • Complimentary WI-FI
  • Private garden suites
  • Designer landscape gardens
  • Self-parking/ valet parking


in and Around the Area

Draa Valley is rich in historical aspects of the country set in amazing landscapes that have been inhabited for centuries. You’ll find here over 80 different varieties of palm trees. Typical Sub Saharan Berber villages, old Jewish cemeteries and ruins, old rock carvings, and more.


Reserve your driver to take you further to explore the region. You can choose from a variety of options. Venture to the Saharan dunes of Erg Chigaga for a luxury picnic lunch (or overnight stay), explore the ancient rock carvings, get to know historical sites including one of the oldest Koranic libraries. Possible to include visit of Jewish heritage sights

Bike rental

Bike rental is available to discover the beauty of the Draa Valley. Possible to bike in the paths between the fields of the valley and beyond it to the typical villages. Don’t be surprised if you see women washing clothes in the river or donkey “oral” the land.

Guided walks

Go on foot accompanied by a local to learn about the irrigation system that has been used for centuries in this sanctuary of the Draa Valley. Learn about the ordinary life people lead here.

Donkey Rides & Horseback Riding

Donkey rides are a great option for the little ones but adults too to explore the fields of the Draa Valley and its natural beauty. Horseback riding available for adults.

Cooking Classes

If you like to learn a little more about the local cuisine, then meet us in the kitchen for a cooking class.

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Main Pool

Our main pool reflects the sky-blue color. Relax on daybeds and take in the refreshing dip.


A small bar nearby the pool offers an array of refreshing drinks.

Outdoor Movie

On some nights there is an outdoor cinema.


Most of the construction at Dar Hnini is done by earthen architecture using mud bricks pise (rammed earth) and adobe. Same techniques have been used for ksour and kasbahs building in the region. Some of our roofs are made with palms and other wood structures. Most of our electricity and hot water arrives from solar panels.

Greywater is recycled and used in the garden.

We have planted over 1500 new palms and other trees.

Unemployment is high in this region and thanks to our essential training we are able to employ staff from local villages.

We use mostly locally produced vegetables/ fruits, cheeses, eggs, and meats in our cuisine. We buy carpets and handmade accessories that were manufactured by local women.

We are also an active part of the local community. We have plans in the future to build a football field for the kids, donate to schools. There are also plans for composting organic waste.